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Quick Overview of Hopin Attendee features via Video – Link Here. Read the Attendee FAQ here about the Hopin experience

Quick Overview of Speaker features via Video – Link Here. (Note that most of the video will feature Main Stage speaker information – If Session speaker go to timestamp 5:22 to start information for Session speakers.)

Q: As a speaker how do I prepare for Radically Rural Remote?
A: The first step is to register/Join the Event at: (password: HG_RRR2020!) before September 24th. You have likely already received a link/password to Join the Hopin Radically Rural Event and create your Hopin Profile.

Q: What protocol should I use for logging into Hopin the day of the event?
A: The morning of the event please be sure to:

  • Reboot your computer before the event or the evening before after you are done for the day.
  • Log into Hopin before your Session – all Sessions will be available 10 minutes before the Sessions start.
  • Ensure only Hopin and if using, your presentation slides, are open on your computer.
  • Use headphones or earbuds if you have them, this helps the quality of your audio.

Session Speakers (All but Pitchfork Session):

Q: How do I get on screen/audio Live in my Session?
A: All sessions are moderated for RRR. This means that you will enter the event,

  1. click on the Sessions button on the left-hand side of the screen,
  2. and when available click on the Session you will be participating in.
  3. At that point you will need to Request Audio & Video to enable access to the Session panel. The tech moderator will accept your request and you will be live on screen.

Note that there is no backstage or way to communicate privately between the panelists and the tech moderator. All communication via audio and chat is Session or Event wide.

You can send messages individually to the tech moderator by clicking on People – Tech Moderator’s name – typing in message – hit arrow to send. All messages show up in Mailbox at top of screen – .Note if you have a new message – a red dot will appear by the envelope.

Q: If I am not speaking during part of the Session, what do I do?
A: It is best to turn OFF your audio and video if you are not part of a particular part of the Session. This will make it easier for you to join the Session again when needed. Your screen will go grey but you remain in the Session able to go Live by just turning ON video and ON audio when appropriate. Note that Hopin provides an indication you are muted with a slash over the microphone at the bottom of the viewing screen.

Q: How do I share a presentation?
A: Hopin allows you to share your entire screen, a Chrome or Firefox Tab or an Application Open on your desktop. To do this, click on the   at the bottom of the screen, then you can choose from the following options:

  • Share entire Desktop

  • Share Application Screen

  • Share Browser Tab

After making a Selection – Press Share. Note that you can go back to Hopin page see how it appears on an attendee’s screen – but you must go to the presentation to forward the slides.

To End Share – reclick the Share button at the bottom of the Hopin Screen or any Stop Share button that appears during the share on your screen with your presentation slides.

When the Session is completed – click on Leave to end your participation in the Session.

Q: What are the specifics of presenting slides?
A: Each type of share or slides differ so you should test your slides on the Hopin screen before your Session. See notes below.

Hopin allows speakers to choose between Share “Your Entire Screen”, “Application Window”, or “Chrome or Firefox Tab”. Notice only in the Chrome/Firefox Tab setting there is a link to also share your audio.

Using the Application Window Option to share screen

If you are sharing a presentation from your computer such as from PowerPoint or Adobe PDF you would choose “Application Window”. The application must be open and the presentation in the appropriate mode for Hopin to see it properly. This varies according to the type of screen used.

PowerPoint – do not use Presenter View – use the SlideShow tab or Reader View. Make sure to open the slideshow before sharing your application screen. (If Slideshow is set to full screen mode go to the SlideShow tab in PowerPoint – hit SetUpShow – Choose Browse by an Individual Window)

Note: If your presentation has audio, you will need to use a 3rd party application to allow Hopin to share this audio. Please refer to this HOW TO for written instructions and HOW TO videos. You can contact for help with this installation.

Using Chrome or Firefox Tab or Window to share screen

Google Slide presentation in a tab. Please have the presentation in ‘Presentation View’ before hitting share for the largest screen image. (Do not simply hit Present – use the dropdown menu to choose Presenter View.)

If a google slide presentation or URL webpage has embedded audiomake sure to check the share audio tab before hitting Share. (Note – please embed audio. Do not put URL links to audio recordings as this will not work within a Tab.)

Using Your Entire Screen to share screen

PowerPoint – go into Reader View – this view will show a full screen presentation while still enabling you to access your computer screen.

In some cases you may want to share your entire screen. If you have URL links within your Google Slide presentation you wish to click/access during the presentation – share Your Entire Screen. Once shared, make the presentation full screen. Note that in this view audio is not functional unless a 3rd party application is installed on your computer – see above for links to a HOW To link and videos.


Keynote Speakers and Session Speakers on the Main Stage:

Q: Is there a difference between the speaker experience on the Main Stage and a Session?
A: Yes, the Main Stage is where centralized events occur for the summit as well as specialized events. The stage has special features that are not seen in the Sessions Tab. Be sure to watch the video or read about the Main Stage and be prepared for the Backstage experience if you are a Main Stage speaker.

Q: How do I enter Hopin if I am a Main Stage speaker?
Main Stage speakers will enter through a Backstage link and be put on the stage by the stage organizer. For Radically Rural this will be Mary who remain backstage and control the event stage by broadcasting the stage ON and OFF.

The backstage link for Radically Rural Remote is below:
This link will be used the day of the event to access the backstage.

There you can discuss specifics with the backstage organizer, prepare your presentation, and be launched on stage. Note there is a bit of a delay between backstage and ON stage streaming. This is due to the large venue size for the stage – enabling up to 10,000 viewers.

Your organizer will discuss and practice this lag with you during a training session.

To ensure the show can go on in the event of connectivity issues your Radically Rural contact will request your presentation notes to ensure a backup presentation exists.

How can I present on Hopin? Check out these notes.



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