While compiling resources for this database, we came across valuable websites, articles, and more that didn’t fit squarely into the categories addressed above. Welcome to the catchall of additional rural resources.

Rural Support Organizations

We encourage you to check out these other rural support organizations for more resources, opportunities, and connections:


  • AgriStress, 833-897-2474: The AgriStress Helpline is a free and confidential crisis and support line that you can call or text 24/7, and interpretation services are provided in 160 languages. The helpline is answered by trained professionals who can offer support and/or help you find mental health resources in your area. We know that agriculture is unique – that is why our crisis specialists have received training on the factors that impact people working in agriculture. It is currently available in CT, MO, PA, TX, VA, and WY.
  • FarmAid, 1-800-327-6243: If you need to talk to someone directly, we are here to listen. Whether you have been farming for a few years or decades we welcome your call, our team will listen and point you in the right direction.
  • Farm and Rural Stress, 1-800-691-4336: Even those with toughened hands and hearts need someone to talk to. Extreme weather conditions, machinery breakdowns, a volatile ag environment, long hours that prevent time with family, and lowered income all cause frustration.That’s why Avera offers the Farm and Rural Stress Hotline where you can talk to one of our skilled, compassionate mental health professionals and trust them to help you navigate whatever you’re experiencing.


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