Radically Rural builds powerful networks of passionate, engaged, innovative people willing to share ideas and resources and take action to strengthen their small communities across the country.


Rural communities across the country will be working in harmony with the land and each other, creating vibrant and inviting communities through pragmatic, bold and innovative solutions to social, political and environmental problems.  They will be highly valued for their aggregate contributions to our world and will feel pride in what makes them great.


What makes someone Radically Rural?

It’s not just about population size, but the shared values of a community. At Radically Rural, we value…

Positive Deviance: We find those who have identified unique and replicable solutions to the problems facing small communities and then elevate what is working.

Innovation: We foster innovation by creating an environment that is ripe for ideas to grow. Our annual summit and year-round experiences are unforgettable.  They generate energy, excitement, and exposure to new ideas in order to keep rural communities on the cutting-edge.

The Common: Historically a public gathering space, we want Radically Rural to be a common platform through which rural people of all kinds can work together and engage in a free exchange of ideas—where “all flourishing is mutual” – Robin Wall Kimmerer.

History: We value the ideas, cultures, and dreams that came before and have nourished our rural realities today. We also acknowledge the history of inequities and oppression that brought us to today. Valuing our history helps us move into the future in a more radical way.

Genuine Inclusivity: We know that accurate representation of rural means diverse representation; our work is far more relevant and impactful when we bring all rural voices to the table.

Rural Empowerment: We know that each individual community has expert knowledge of both their needs and what makes them great; we strive to provide resources and connections to empower them.

Conscientiousness: We put great care into every aspect of our work. We strive to be intentional about how we handle all aspects of our work, including our relationships, funding, support, and time.

Reciprocity: Bringing balance and reciprocity to our relationships with the earth is what we know will bring lasting change. Rural communities are the sustainable communities of the future and we will exhibit leadership in this new way forward.

*We accept communal accountability for these values.  If you observe us not living by them, please let us know and help us grow. 

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