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Radically Rural produces a column in the Daily Yonder written by Caroline Trembly.  This column focuses on building stronger rural communities through innovative strategies. Check it out at the link below:

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Historical press coverage of Radically Rural

GNAT – The News Project: In Studio – Radically Rural – November 2021
These Business Owners Banded Together to Save Their Downtown. Now, They’re Reaping the Rewards   – by CAMERON ALBERT-DEITCH– INC. news – May 2021
Luca’s Mediterranean Café just recorded the best March in its 20-year history: $20,000 in weekly sales.

It was a far cry from March 2020, when the Keene, New Hampshire, restaurant’s founder, Luca Paris, had to shut his doors to in-person dining as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Though his café, located less than a mile north of Keene State College, is typically teeming with in-person diners, it switched to takeout-only last March–and remained that way for three months, when it reopened to 60 percent capacity (plus four outdoor tables) in mid-June.

“No Bigger Job” Than Small-Town Journalism: Remembering Al Smith, 1927-2021  by Daily Yonder – April 2021

“After learning first-hand how small-town journalism could create stronger, healthier communities, Smith gave up plans to return to big-city news operations. He learned that he need never apologize for being “just” a small-town journalist. “There was no bigger job than the one I had,” he wrote in his 2011 memoir.”

We at Radically Rural believe this wholeheartedly.  We know that local news is the most trusted news source, while also being the most under threat.  That is why we have a Community Journalism track, to continue to bring this vital topic to the forefront.

Digital Innovation Awards: Best Virtual Event – Local Media association 

This contest recognizes the best in local digital media in 15 categories such as best local website, best virtual event, best branded content strategy and more. It is a highly competitive contest designed to recognize both large and small media companies for their outstanding and innovative work.

Radically Rural virtual event will feature a robust cooperative workshop and other exciting sessions – NCBA CLUSA – Sept 2020
Community Power Opportunity for Rural Residents –  Institute for Local Self-Reliance – Nov 2020
The State We’re In  – Radically Rural 2020 – PBS – Sept 2020
New Hampshire Gelato Startup Focuses On Boosting The Local Economy – Forbes – Sept 2020
Radically Rural – Remote Summit Land & community sessions explore balance of use & conservation –  Morning AgClips – Aug 2020
Ideas from the ‘Radically Rural’ summit: Building a healthy media ecosystem through collaboration – Oct 2019
A ‘Radically Rural’ approach to sustaining communities – NH Business Review – Sept 2019
Inside ‘Radically Rural,’ the New Hampshire Conference Championing Local Entrepreneurs – The Business Journal – Sept 2019
Bringing Bold Ideas to Rural Challenges UNH Extention- Sept 2019
‘Radically Rural’ draws a big small-town crowd – Eagle Times – Sept 2019
In Little Keene, NH, Boosting Rural Economies And Entrepreneurship – Aug 2019
Radically rural – Farmers use regenerative practices to reverse climate change – Telluride Properties – July 2019
Franklin Pierce Supports “Radically Rural” – FPU – Oct 2018
Radically Rural Idea Demons – TEDx – July 2018

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