Radically Rural 2023 

Reimagining Rural through local storytelling, framework building, and policy influence

“We stand at an inflection point for rural, faced with a choice between two paths – one that leads to extraction and the other towards regeneration and resilient thriving,” says Tony Pipa, senior fellow at the Center for Sustainable Development at the Brookings Institution. “Our country’s economy is shifting and rural areas will play a pivotal role; the question is how we approach it.” 

In 2023, we Reimagined Rural, together. Small communities have a unique opportunity to address the intersectionality of national scale challenges in a collaborative and comprehensive way. The Aspen Institute and Brookings Institution dove into bottom up and top down approaches to rural development. Attendees were the first to discover and contribute to new ideas from two of the nation’s premiere rural constructors and their partners. 

The Opening Ceremony featured poetry by Shanta Lee, music by Monadnock Music, and a keynote panel with Tony Pipa, Gloria Dickerson, and Alex Beck. 

Day two kicked off with our Solutions Slam and a keynote address from Chris Estes.

The closing session focused on reimagining rural policy.

The 2023 summit also featured focus groups hosted by Tony Pipa.

Our findings will be available soon in the very first Radically Rural white paper! Stay tuned…

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