Radically Rural Networking!

Due to COVID-19, the Radically Rural Summit will be held virtually on September 24th, 2020. With the uncertainty of the course of this virus and the inability to know if it will be safe to gather in large groups, CONNECT for our local region is temporarily postponed and will be revisited as we near the event date. We encourage each of you to gather with your own communities, and we will help you prepare and organize a similar event to share ideas and make connections.

Check back for more information as the event gets closer!


Meet Machina Arts:

Machina Arts was founded in 2013 because we saw a need in our community for art based cultural activities. Over the years, Machina has transformed from a homegrown arts collective into a business offering creative event management, stylish interior design, and interactive gallery curation.  We believe that community based art and design are key drivers in the cultural renaissance that this area needs.  We hope that you’ll join us in our creative efforts!


Meet CC&D’s Kitchen Market:

Good food made with love and laughs. Charcoal Charlie Pini an award winning chef and BBQ pitmaster, Denise Meadows a catering powerhouse and passionate localvore. Together they share decades of experience, stories and scars in cooking between them, running kitchens and restaurants, creating magic, and taking care of their guests and yours.
CC&D’s Kitchen Market is your spot for mouthwatering take-out lunch, dinner, Charlie’s famous barbecue and a market stocked with grab & go items including local cheeses & charcuterie.
The Market is home to Charcoal Charlie Productions and Free Range Chick Catering for all your catering needs. It’s about remarkable food and happy faces, serving a neighborhood, a community and the Monadnock Region.

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