Renewable Energy Track

Session One: Bridging the Rural Energy Gap

September 19 | 10am to Noon

Rural households spend 33% more of their income on energy expenses than their urban and suburban counterparts. This “efficiency gap” puts rural regions at a disadvantage. Closing this gap would keep money circulating in the community and add both security and energy resiliency to the region. Hear from leaders in the industry who have developed practical tool kits to bridge the gap that can be adapted to your own rural community.

Session Two: Charge It – Electric Vehicles are Here. Are We Ready?

September 19 | 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Electric vehicles are 3 times more efficient than those that consume gasoline and the fun driving experience is rapidly increasing electric vehicles’ market share. An Upstart manufacturing company has launched an electric pickup truck with a 400-mile range, prompting major manufacturers to follow suit.  With every state receiving Volkswagen settlement funds, many are choosing to direct the money toward building out electric vehicle charging infrastructure. How do rural communities advocate to stay “current” with these technological advances and trends when charging stations will appear in urban areas first?

Session Three: Crazy Good – On our Way to 100%

September 20 | 9:00am to 11:00am

Ready For 100% communities are spreading across the country. Right here in Keene, NH, community leaders have passed a resolution to read 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable energy for transportation and heating by 2050. Learn effective practices from communities who have successfully begun their transitions toward 100%, and start making a plan for your own rural community!

Session Four: Bringing Big Ideas to Life – Ways to Make Your Small Town Idea Friendly

Colonial Theatre | September 20 | 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Keynote Speaker: Becky McCray, Co-Founder of Save Your Town

Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship Key Partners

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