IN PERSON, all events held will be in downtown Keene, NH within walking distance of each other. For more information please refer to the Event Agenda.

VIRTUAL, we will be using streaming that is similar to zoom, called “Socio.” Instructions on accessing the platform will be sent out approximately one week prior to the event. Recordings of the sessions will be available on the platform afterward. Virtual attendees will have access to the streaming of the opening/keynote, all sessions for the seven tracks, and the closing Livability SLAM.  There is one virtual mixer, which you can see on the event agenda.  The CONNECT event, in person mixers, and live music will not be available to virtual attendees.

Once you hit “register now”, you will be able to either choose virtual or in person for your ticket option.

BEFORE YOU REGISTER, please note that if you need to unlock a ticket type (such as for speakers) or if you have a discount code, you must enter it at the top of the registration page by clicking “Enter Code” BEFORE you begin the registration process.  Also note that when ticket types are unlocked, they do not jump to the top of the screen so you may need to scroll down to see them.

The “In Person in Keene, NH” ticket types already include our CONNECT event, which takes place on the evening of the first day.  You only need to purchase CONNECT if you are not planning to attend the rest of the Summit.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the registration process.

We can’t wait to see you in September!

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