Promote your town and its radically rural
creative placemaking – and get a free ticket to
Radically Rural 2021!

Radically Rural’s Arts & Culture Track is celebrating creative placemaking in rural communities. We are hosting an open call to showcase the stories of 10 radical creative placemaking projects in rural communities for our 3rd session this year. Stripping it down to its core definitions, creative placemaking is all about using arts & culture to develop the identity, economic vibrancy, safety, and cohesion of a community.

How will you know it when you see it? Some examples of creative placemaking are (List from Americans for the Arts):

  • an abandoned building becomes artist studios and gallery space
  • an abandoned parking lot becomes an inner-city soccer field, basketball court and outdoor drive-in movie venue
  • an overgrown park becomes a place for little-lending-libraries, garden clubs, chess games, live music and public art

We want to know – what are the radical ideas, partnerships, and projects happening in your community, and would you like to share them at the Radically Rural 2021 Summit?

Submit your community’s story today. The submission form asks:

  • What is your project called
  • Where is your community
  • What is the population of the community served by your project
  • How much did your project cost
  • How many volunteers were involved in the project
  • Project description – what did you do, what did you hope to change, and what change did you actually see in your community
  • What partnerships made the project possible
  • What did you learn that you want to pass along to others
  • And contact information

Projects will be vetted by a panel of past Radically Rural presenters and the session facilitator. Of all the submissions, 10 projects will be chosen to present during the Summit’s final arts track session on September 23rd. The ten project presenters will meet virtually twice before the summit to connect with each other, get oriented with the technology, and practice. Each presenter will have 20 slides and 6.5 minutes to share their story and, at the end of all the presentations, will participate in a Q&A with the audience. All 10 presenters will receive a free ticket to attend the Summit, which can be used for the in-person event or for the interactive livestream.

Radically Rural organizers will also create a digital board of images and stories from all of the communities that submit their projects, which can be accessed through the Radically Rural website.

Submit your rural story!

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