Year Round Programming

In 2021, we announced Radically Rural’s transition to year round programming with this message to our attendees:

For the past three years, Radically Rural’s vibrant, meaningful, event has brought people who love rural communities together to shape and share ideas.  This year, in addition to our annual event, we are expanding the Radically Rural movement to include year-round programming such as:

  • Regular virtual gatherings to inspire, network, and celebrate all things rural.
  • Radical Challenges that will engage us in fun, yet significant, ways to take tangible steps to better our rural communities.
  • In collaboration with key partners, we have produced a set of Local Economy Indicators that can get rural communities all over the nation speaking the same language about how we are doing and give us the tools we need to make data-driven decisions. We will be providing these indicators publicly and describing how we were able to pull and populate data from our state.

Check out all of the virtual roundtables we’ve hosted since and don’t forget to attend upcoming roundtables so you can be a part of our year round programming!

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