2023 Summit Updates

Radically Rural believes that “collaboration is the world’s most renewable resource” – Sarah Rocker, 2021 keynote speaker

To that end, we want to reduce barriers to access to the connections, resources, and experience generated by our unique and innovative national network. This year, we are introducing a sliding scale for ticket costs that is on the honor system. We will also be releasing recordings freely for most of our sessions a month or so afterward.

Additionally, Radically Rural is moving back to an in-person-only format, with only the opening session being available via livestream. Some sessions will not be recorded because of their interactive nature and as always there are lots of activities and events scattered throughout the two days that will not be recorded.


As far as we know, we were the first organization of our size in the country to execute a fully hybrid summit of the complexity that we did — livestreaming seven venues throughout our downtown simultaneously. While we learned so much by doing that for two years and were pleased to be able to include as many folks as possible in a safe way during the ongoing Pandemic, we have noticed some key facts that have helped us make this decision:

  • The data show that participants who attend virtually consistently rate their experience lower than in-person attendees.
  • The percentage of virtual registrants who actually attended live was very low.
  • Many attendees requested more interactive sessions, which are the most challenging in hybrid settings.
  • Radically Rural works best when we bring people together in space and time to connect and innovate.

We understand that some folks are physically unable to make the trip, which is why we will be making recordings for most sessions available after.

In an effort to mitigate travel costs, we are also implementing a new sponsorship level this year for local foundations across the country to sponsor attendance from their own rural communities. We know that some of the best solutions come from gathering diverse groups of people and we want to create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration towards a thriving rural America. 

The sponsorship includes: 

  • Covering travel costs up to 5,000 for two folks in your network (and a special networking event for sponsored attendees the night before the summit)
  • A free ticket for foundation staff member (and a special facilitated event the evening prior to the summit)
  • Significant advertising and promotion for the Foundation

If you know of any local foundations that may be interested in helping you travel to Radically Rural, send them our way!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding these new and exciting updates!

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