Press Release – Land and Community Sessions 2021

Land and Community track for Radically Rural addresses population shifts

Keene, NH – Urban flight to rural places, brought about in part by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting changes in workplaces, poses questions about how best to deal with this change in small communities.

Amanda Littleton, manager for Cheshire County Conservation District and leader of Radically Rural’s Land and Community Track, has assembled three sessions she hopes will draw attendees from the general public, planners and conservationists. Radically Rural, a two-day summit on Sept. 22-23, is being held in person this year and online, organizers said.

“By including a variety of voices in this year’s conversation, we hope to engage a broad range of individuals in new visions of our country’s rural landscapes at a time of great change,” Littleton said.

Here is the schedule for the Land and Community Track:
Refuge in Rural – 9/22 at 10:30 a.m.
Climate change and the pandemic have driven many to uproot from cities and find new homes in rural communities. The subsequent impact on rural communities is drastic. A panel of speakers discuss ways to leverage growing populations for community improvement and investment. The panel seeks to answer the question of “How can rural areas welcome new members into the fold of a community while fostering a sense of place and appreciation for the natural environment of their new home?” Speakers will also offer ways in which land use and planning measures can be put in place to mitigate the effects of these population changes.

Exploring Nature, Renewing Communities – 9/22 at 2:15 p.m.
By embracing the natural landscape as a cornerstone of their economies, rural communities are finding increased connections to and stewardship of the land. During this session, a panel of speakers will share success stories of communities across the country that are placing outdoor recreation at the forefront for the health of their people and economy. The result? Improved health outcomes, increased tourism dollars and enhanced land stewardship and sense of place for local residents. Activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking and biking tie together the land and its offerings in a way that promotes a greater appreciation for natural resources.

Native Tribes Lead on Environmental Stewardship – 9/23 at 10:00 a.m.
Native communities across America are modeling ways to take action against the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Session panelists will explore how traditional ecological knowledge is informing natural resources management strategies and offering important perspectives on climate adaptation and resiliency. Uplifting a sense of cultural heritage and the land on which it is deeply rooted, provides inspiration for communities to ensure that future generations have access to clean water, soil and strong wildlife populations.

For more information on Radically Rural or this year’s track themes, visit the event’s website at

About Radically Rural:
The Radically Rural Summit is a national event that builds sustainability and success for rural life and places through a network that connects people to each other and to new ideas. Early bird price tickets are now on sale.

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