Press Release – Community Journalism Sessions 2021

Radically Rural Summit: Community Journalism Track stresses trust, community support and innovation

Keene, NH – The last decade has been marked by a rapid increase in distrust of the media, which has been designated by many as the enemy of the people. Recognizing this reality, Radically Rural’s Community Journalism Track stresses the need to rebuild trust, seek support for local journalism though philanthropy and provide journalists with the latest tools and techniques to improve their skills.

Terrence Williams, president of The Keene Sentinel and organizer of the journalism track, has assembled three sessions that, he says, are scalable for rural newsrooms and designed to build more responsiveness and sustainability.

“We’re excited about this year’s sessions,” said Williams. “Trust in news and fundraising to support local journalism are topics of great priority for many news operations these days. Our panelists are leaders in those arenas. And, of course, we hope our session on tips and tools will help reports and editors become more skilled.

Here’s the program:
Building Trust – 9/22 at 10:30 a.m.
Joy Mayer, director of Trusting News, will lead a panel discussion on the ways and means that local journalists can improve community bonds and build reader confidence in the news they produce. Panelists Lynn Walsh, assistant director, Trusting News; and Peter Huoppi, director of multimedia, The Day, New London, CT., offer lessons and experiences. A third panelist will be added to discuss media distrust among people of color and indigenous populations.

Funding News – 9/22 at 2:15 p.m.
This session provides a strong case for journalism supported by philanthropy. Frank Mungeam, chief innovation officer for the Local Media Association, will lead a panel discussion on how to take advantage of new revenue streams for funding local news. Panelists include Blake Kaplan, editor and general manager, Sun Herald. Biloxi, MS; Manuel C. Coppola, publisher, Nogales International, Nogales, AZ; and Traci Bauer, vice president, print and digital content, Adams Publishing Group. This session is for both nonprofit and for-profit news organizations.

Crazy Good – 9/23 at 10:00 a.m.
It’s back. A fast-paced romp through the best practices to make journalists more skilled and more efficient. Samantha Sunne, a freelance investigative journalist and expert on tech and tools, presents the annual “50 ideas” program.

For more information on the Radically Rural Summit, or this year’s track themes, please visit the event’s website at

About Radically Rural:
The Radically Rural Summit is a national event that builds sustainability and success for rural life and places through a network that connects people to each other and to new ideas. Early bird price tickets are now on sale.

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