Arts & Culture

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Session One: Artists and Creative Placemaking 

The emerging field of creative place-making unites the arts with community initiatives that increase the well-being of a place. Serving any “place”, from a neighborhood to an entire region, creative place-making utilizes creative projects to foster economic development, civic engagement, community pride, and education. Many funders are supporting initiatives to create meaningful art and help communities thrive.

Chris Archer, Matthew Glassman, Melissa Richmond

Session Two: Evolving Business Models for Rural Arts

With so many pathways for developing revenue streams, sales, fundraising, communication, promotion, and scale, developing a business model these days is a dream and a nightmare. What direction is best for you? Hear from artists and organizations making new technology and trends work for them utilizing everything from maker-spaces, co-ops, and green energy, to online sales, public art, and beyond.

Session Three: The Ethics of Community-Based Arts

Since the dawn of human history, the arts have been used to excite, engage, educate, advocate, and move communities forward. How will you contribute? What will our give-back be? This session will feature the stories of two artists utilizing their work for social change in their communities. We’ll also feature a discussion on the tools and processes for effective art for social change.


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