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Emily Cayer

Coordinator at Northeast Grainshed Alliance

Rural Grainsheds

Emily Cayer is the coordinator of the Northeast Grainshed Alliance (NGA). She grew up knee-deep in the streams, swamps, and lakes of western Massachusetts. This evolved into a 20-year career as a biologist and conservation program coordinator in Montana and Alaska. Her work bringing farmers, ranchers, conservation organizations, and state and federal agencies together to save a native Montana fish, was the highlight of her career. This instilled her passion for bringing people together for a common goal. Her work with the NGA parallels the watershed scale work of the west as she helps coordinate a grainshed in the east. She returned east to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 2019 and lives with her partner, dog, draft mule and 2 donkeys. She enjoys reading, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and wood carving.

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