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Elizabeth Kelly

Planner and Designer at Resilience Planning and Designing

Policy and Entrepreneurship

Liz Kelly is a professional planner and designer for Resilience Planning and Design, based in Plymouth, NH. Resilience Planning and Design partners with communities to help them build on their existing assets, realize new possibilities, plan for a bright future, and create vibrant, resilient, and inclusive places. These efforts aim to protect local and regional ecosystems while addressing contemporary challenges facing communities such as climate change, loss of open space, systemic inequities, and poorly planned development. Her approach to planning emphasizes dynamic visioning, community driven and participatory planning, and creative problem-solving. Her background is in Ecological Design and Planning and her work focuses on comprehensive planning projects for towns and cities related to community visioning, natural resource protection, open space planning, placemaking, and more. She is also a certified Permaculture Designer and teacher and is an active members of her community garden.
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