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Chris Lee

Designer and Developer at Backyard ADUs

How Rural Homeowners can Become Home Creators

Chris started developing multi-family homes six years ago and has never strayed from his philosophy, “if my wife and I won’t live in it, no one should”. In other words, he is passionate about creating high-quality housing that tenants can call home. He created Backyard ADUs after realizing the best opportunities in real estate were in a homeowner’s backyard. Leveraging experience in development projects, working with municipalities, and real estate finance, Chris set up Backyard ADUs to help homeowners benefit from a tight rental market and help solve the housing crisis. Chris is a Maine native and currently lives in Brunswick, ME with his wife who is a Pediatrician and their running buddy Ellie (a dog). When he is not working, he is doing house projects, vegetable gardening, skiing, surfing, or enjoying a cold beer.

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