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Anthea Lavallee

Executive Director at Hubbard Brook Research Foundation

Climate Activism: Engaging Rural Youth

As the Executive Director of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, Anthea has a front row seat for one of the most dynamic and influential ecosystem studies in the world. Established in 1955 by the U.S. Forest Service in the White Mountains of NH, Hubbard Brook brings together scientific teams from more than 25 universities and research institutions. Together they explore the relationships among Hubbard Brook’s plants, animals, air, water, and soils. Having worked across a range of environmental and social service organizations over the past two decades, Anthea believes that community, culture, and ecosystem health are deeply entwined. As the leader of Hubbard Brook’s public outreach and communications arm, Anthea bridges the gaps between science and society, combining her curiosity about the natural world with her passion for building community. Within Hubbard Brook and across its network of partners, Anthea strives to create a culture of environmental awareness that is scholarly and practical; reality-based and creative; equitable, actionable, and hopeful.

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