Here are the basic physical accessibility details for each space used throughout the conference!

Venue Wheelchair accessible entrance & space? Wheelchair accessible bathroom? Seating for larger bodies? Indoor or outdoor venue?
Colonial Theater Yes Yes Limited Indoor
Railroad Square Yes At Modest Man Brewing Yes Outdoor
Hannah Grimes Center Yes Yes Yes Indoor
Keene Public Library Yes Yes  Limited Indoor
Wyman Tavern On grass lawn with dirt paths ADA porta potty; may be a tight squeeze for wheelchair users Limited Outdoor
Central Square Yes No Limited Outdoor
Brewbakers/NOVA Arts Mostly; door is not
mechanized but entrance is accessible
with door propped
Yes; handsoap may be hard to reach for some wheelchair users Yes Indoor

Printable Accessibility Guide

Other Accessibility Info

Hearing assistance devices are available at the Colonial and at the Keene Public Library. Ask an RR Volunteer for a device if you would like to use one!

Automated Closed Captions are available at all sessions for virtual attendees.

ASL Interpreters will be present at the following in-person sessions: Keynote,”Addressing the Housing Crisis” Roundtable, Arts and Culture Session 1, Arts and Culture Session 2, Main Street Session 3

If you have a severe food allergy, please let an RR Volunteer know so we can be sure to keep that allergen outof session spaces.

Please consider not wearing strong fragrances (perfume/cologne/aftershave) to make the Summit more accessible to attendees with chemical sensitivities. If you have unmet access needs or questions over the course of the Summit, please contact Jules Good, RR Accessibility Coordinator via text: (480) 335-8767 or email: They will do their best to get your needs met!

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