Community Journalism


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Session 1: Fake News – Keeping News Real in Rural America

President Donald Trump’s labeling of certain news as fake and journalists as the enemy of the people has raised doubts about the veracity and accuracy of news reporting. This has created a national narrative. How is journalism perceived in rural America? Are levels of trust higher or lower? What can local journalists and small-town community leaders do to maintain integrity and build trust in local journalism?



Kathy Kiely, Kathrine Aydelott, James Rousmaniere Jr., Kristen Nevious, Ben Boyington, Paul Miller

Session 2: Energizing and Growing Rural Journalism

Small town newspapers, challenged by evaporating advertising revenues, mergers and declining circulation, struggle to sustain themselves. What can be done to keep local journalism strong, relevant, necessary and avoid news deserts?


Al Cross, Kevin Slimp, Jim Welch, Phil Kincade, Keith Gentili, Mark Guerringue

Session 3: Building Today’s Newspaper – You be the Editor!

You may be surprised to learn that newspaper audiences are larger today than ever due to myriad platforms on which news is published – print, websites, online newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, video and more. What would you do as an editor for a day? What would your coverage and story assignments be? What would you publish in print, online and in social media? What would your front page look like? An engaging interactive event with live video and a press run.

Paul Miller, Terrence Williams

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