Big R, little r

Necessity, indeed, is the mother of invention.  Rural communities have been on the receiving end of growing income inequality for decades now, but the Great Recession and the years following it only heightened this growing disparity.  What had been a slow, painful decline, all of a sudden was seen in sharp relief when our urban counterparts had fully recovered from the recession by 2012 – and many rural communities have yet to recover.

But the necessity to respond to the challenges brought on by this lopsided recovery has indeed been the mother of all sorts of invention. And it is that invention, those ideas and the optimism of the people who present them, that we gather at Radically Rural.

There is a burgeoning rural movement, the big R, a growing response to the challenges rural communities face.  We hope that while you fight like mad for your little r, your home town, that you will remember to also fight like mad for every rural community, for the Big R, for rural.  The ideas you get, the inspiration you feel, and the connections you make here can help us work better together on improving life, opportunity and the future for all of the rural communities we know and love.


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