Community Choice Aggregation

September 24 | 9:00 am – 10:45 am

Community Choice Aggregation (Community Power) provides municipalities, groups of municipalities and counties with the authority to customize a portfolio of electricity supply and demand side resources as a service to the community. The legislative body (City Council, County Commissioners or town meeting) vote to approve the terms of the contracted supply and services. The benefits of Community Power include more control over pricing, increased percentages of renewable and/or demand side resources, and the opportunity to encourage the development of local generation and/or storage thereby boosting the local economy and supporting greater resilience.

In this session experts will present case studies of communities which have transitioned to Community Choice Aggregation in rural communities from different states. A particular focus will be to explain the difference in designing a CCA for vertically integrated utilities versus deregulated ones. Enabling legislation authorizing CCAs from at least 3 states will be covered so that participants are prepared to support the drafting of a bill for their own state. Participants will be introduced to online resources offering support and best practices for developing a CCA.

Speaker: Samuel Golding, President of Community Choice Partners, Inc.; April Salas, Sustainability Director of the Town of Hanover; Lorenzo Kristov, Principal of Electric System Policy; D. Maurice “Don” Kreis, Consumer Advocate for NH Office of the Consumer Advocate



Carbon Pricing

September 24 | 11:00 am – 12:45 pm

The IPCC has said that pricing carbon is the single most effective way of combating the climate crisis. In this session, participants will explore the potential impacts of carbon pricing on agricultural and rural communities. Some models for carbon pricing include exemptions for farmers. We are very excited to announce that Dr. Danny Richter, VP of Governmental Affairs at Citizens Climate Lobby in Washington D.C. has agreed to be a panelist. Dr. Richter will describe the work of CCL to build bi-partisan support for HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Climate Dividend Act of 2019. More generally, experts will discuss how land use and agricultural practices can impact the sequestration of carbon and support healthy soils.

Participants will be introduced to an exciting new application (interactive online tool) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EnRoads, which enables users to study different scenarios for reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in order to keep global warming below certain thresholds.

Speaker: Dr. Danny Richter, VP of Governmental Affairs at Citizens’ Climate Education



Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Sequestration

September 24 | 2:00 pm – 3:45 pm

Regenerative Agriculture holds the potential to sequester carbon to combat the climate crisis. Can regenerative agriculture be monetized to help support these practices by farmers and foresters? Join Nobel prize winner Dr. Keith Paustian from Colorado State University and Dr. Adam Chambers from the USDA discuss regenerative agriculture potential, current studies, and the promise about monetization for rural farmers and foresters.

Speaker: Dr. Keith Paustian, Professor at Colorado State University; Dr. Adam Chambers, Leader – Environmental Markets of USDA-NRCS

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